Thursday, September 8, 2011

DIS BITCH: Fishsticks and the Blanket

Time to play "Where's the Goop?" !

Oh no, photographers on the other side of the car in addition to the ones clearly taking this photo who do not seem to bother me for some reason!

Better hide!

Me & my kids are too beautiful for you to see!  Look instead at this organic caterpillar blanket!

Ok, just a peek for you plebes.

No, I take it back.  You awful people made Britney crazy and keep forcing me to mess up my hair with these fabulously overpriced blankets!

What, this?  No I'm not hiding under a blanket!  It's my Halloween costume, I'm going as the Mexican car chair disguise man!

If Ms Goopy ever wants to try out a different upper-body protection method, might I suggest this little number: